The Relay Workshops

Why Workshops at the Relais?

Because :

*I hope that this place is also a place of transmission , meetings , discoveries , exchanges and sharing .

*I want to give you access to different, natural resources , to allow you to gain in well-being, to develop natural health, both physical, psychological and spiritual.

*during the 30 years of my nursing career, I have constantly evolved my practice.

*my professional background and my life experiences convinced me very early on to put people at the center of my care.

*I am convinced of the power of humans in their autonomy.

To pass on my experience, my expertise.

A DU in Palliative Care and Support , numerous training courses on pain management, multiple training courses on stress management , time management, self-knowledge, self-confidence , emotional intelligence, completed my experience.

But like many caregivers, I took care of others and didn't listen to myself much.
One day, from whispering without being heard, my body screamed.
I had no other choice but to take into account my symptoms, my pain, my health. But at this stage everything is more complicated.

One day a doctor told me "" I can't do anything more for you "". What a terrible sentence!!
I was 40 years old, with pretty solid genes (and yes, 2 hundred-year-old grandmothers!!) there was no question of living like this for the next 60 years.
I didn't give up, I looked for, found, tested better solutions, new avenues to improve my situation.
During this quest, I discovered a powerful tool, thanks to which I was finally able to find and mobilize my resources guided by a professional who listens. My encounter with hypnosis changed my life.

So I trained in medical hypnosis based on Ericksonian hypnosis and in particular hypnoanalgesia accessible to health professionals . And to go even further in the support that I offer you, in 2022, I joined the Epione Academy in Tours (37) and I trained in Archétypal hypnosis©.

In this course in 2016 I obtained a DU in Phytotherapy and Aromatherapy , and I became an ambassador for the dōTERRA brand, producing premium quality essential oils.

This allows me to offer you natural solutions in complete safety.

It is this personal and professional life path that has opened doors for me that are much larger and more initiating for change than I would have imagined.

This is what I want to convey to you in these Workshops:

The ""All-Possible"" that is in each of you.

Personally, I host

*AromaTime©, discovery of essential oils,

*HypnoTime©, discovery of hypnosis and self-hypnosis,

*and my HypNOmade© consultations ( )

We are preparing many other themes with experienced and quality practitioners from my network of entrepreneurs.

You can also follow the latest news from the Workshops constantly

on HypNOmade

on Relais Saint Jacques